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Xossip is one of the best adult websites in India. It was down for some specific reasons. This article is all about xossip. What it is about, why it was banned for so long and what is the best alternative for Xossip.

What is Xossip?

Xossip.com is a site that doesn’t disclose to you immediately what sort of substance you will almost certainly discover. Maybe it’s a gathering? Maybe a cylinder site or a fledgeling, a plane? Truly, it’s sort of difficult to understand, even we faced an issue interpreting what exactly Xossip.com is. First of all, Xossip.com resembles your normal gathering. The structure looks like essentially every discussion in 2002. Yet, does it functions like a gathering? Presently I stood out enough to be noticed, we can try.

An appropriate response, indeed, it does! Be that as it may, that is not everything it does. Or maybe, it’s utilized as a gathering, and yet, you can investigate this discussion in a very different manner. You most likely don’t have the foggiest idea about what we’re trying to make you understand, wait I’ll expand. There are a bunch of “THINGS” presented by theXossip.com’s official website for the best user entertainment, furthermore, user can discover photographs and recordings and a wide range, and Xossip surely enables you to shift those things through over the different sheets on the site, which is entirely slick. I’d state it is. For one thing, I’ll enlighten you concerning the sub-gatherings you can discover on the official website of Xossip.


This is kind of hard for everyone to believe or digest but this is the reality. Many individuals visit Xossip consistently. Straight up! Shocking? Right? I’ve have heard and even witnessed a discussion like this which includes a large number of audience and even they are having tons of traffic on their official website. So, there is a particular area on the Xossip website that has more than 24 freaking million articles/posts, which is again hard to believe but YES this Is 100% true. Can you get an idea about what amount of individuals that is? That resembles, the measure of SELENA GOMEZ admirers that purchased her last single to say the very least! That is such a large number of people with a terrible preference for music I let you know.

One more Super fascinating things about this website Xossip is that there are endless things you can question about and moreover these are not even sensual. On the other hand, most of these discussions about this are kind of adult or we can say 18+ in nature. Particularly the website wasn’t intended to be that way, yet individuals are permitted to post essentially whatever, and clearly, individuals will be individuals. Individuals played well and started posting absolute adult content on the website. And now, all the website is known for is that particular content. Be that as it may, is this an awful stuff? For the number of people who needed their discussion to stay immaculate, it is.

Things you don’t know about Xossip

This accumulated a ton of rottenness presented officially on Xossip’s main website, by “foulness” and by this, we meant adult content. A lot of posts, recordings and other types of stuff is jammed in a solitary spot. You were fortunate enough to discover this spot. Aren’t you happy you discovered it? All things considered, you ought to be. Nonetheless, we’ll discuss some of the fundamental sub-discussions here on the grounds that I should cover those too. Xossip.com isn’t completely devoted to adult content entertainment, even user should realize that at this point. Alright, first of all, the segment that that is popularly known as “Babble” is an area that is still a mystery that why this particular area is getting tons of traffic that has some or not even noticeable adult content.

 Did we notice that Xossip is nothing international but an India based website prior? Indeed, presently we did. All the adult content you’re going to witness on this will surely be Indian generally. Or maybe, you will just observe Indians engaging in some relations, so on the off chance that you have an obsession for Indian darlings, User can be in his/her own karma. Be that as it may, the adult posts is in reality quite incredible regardless of whether you don’t discover Indian Women with temples to be exceptionally engaging.

On the website there is a particular area of CHITCHAT that has a subforum called no-nonsense, many of them are related to news, reviews, individual counsel, spicy gossips and most importantly hunger for super good and fresh experiences. The most viewed forum is non-other than no-nonsense with tons of traffic. various kinds of content are being posted on the website. Different subforums on “Gab” don’t get a lot of traffic, so it’s ideal to disregard them for the time being

Criticism faced by the website

The most interesting piece of content that is available on this website is presumably the grown-up segment that is called “Mirchi,” and is the place you’ll locate the most fascinating and interesting things the site can present. Presently, I’ve referenced that these photos and recordings are dealt with in a type of way, correct?  With Xossip, it is much simpler and easier to discover, and the user can genuinely access it  by using the tabs called “Masala Videos For you” and “Allure Albums.”  The place every one of the pictures Present on the Adult area is discovered, which is really perfect.

This site feels remote as damnation more often than not on the grounds that a ton of words spring up, moreover these aren’t all English more often than not. User can find the best from the collection, be it English or Hindi. A very popular and most viewed section is “BHABI” We are still kind of confused what it is about but still people are liking it a lot. It’s peculiar, however, we burrow the site.

Why XOSSIP got banned?

As a matter of fact, Xossip is not banned once, it was banned many times. It was kind of an adult website where the general public used to share their ideas, thoughts, and media of the entire globe.

At that point in time, The Indian Government was slowly banning such websites because of the type of content people were putting there. But this offended a lot of active users and they criticised their idea of banning this website, and as a result, the government had to lift the ban.


Then after some time, it was down again but this time the government was not the one behind that. The main person controlling and managing the xossip website had to shut that down because of the lack of hosting funds. As our resources says, the donating part of the xossip website was very minute in digits. The admin did not use ad words as a source of primary earning. Xossip was completely managed and funded by the donations that are made and by the admin.

Xossip Alternatives:

We all know that the original URL for the xossip website was shut down by the admin, the active users of the website started to start their own website to help millions of people out there. There are 100s of alternatives that are available online on the internet.

We will list 3 of the best links for the alternative of xossip:


XFORUM.LIVE is one the best alternatives for forums like xossip as it is comparatively fast and more optimised than others. This forum offers the active users the offer to log into their own personal accounts. After our review, we noticed that this website have a high number of ads displaying all over the screen and they come up every single time users try to click. Furthermore, the website encourages the user to register themselves before using the website as a guest.

XOSSIP IS BACK – Latest xossip link


Xossipz has the entirely same forum in the name of the user interface. The alternatives of Log into your account and sign up for new account had been displayed for the customer who is coming back. The interface is quite appreciable and this website has a less number of pop up advertisements as compared to the previous alternative.


This is not super variant from the original board in the first place. User registration forms are available, a big thanks to the admin because it makes the interface much more personalised. The last time we checked this website was down. Furthermore, we will update you about the period of time it is down.

Note: There are many other different alternatives that you can check for yourself. Xossip-regional.com, Masaladesi, and Desibess.com are some of the great xossip alternatives. But the thing is they do not have a large number of active users.

You can also check todaypk and tamilyogi for awesome movies.


So, this was our way of helping the users by informing them about the xossip alternatives and why it was banned and why it is not running these days. We have listed some of the amazing alternatives that work just as xossip did. Make sure you check them out. Also, Feel free to ask regarding any issue that you guys are facing, We’ll surely get back to you.



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