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Travel Republic is a great choice for you if you are tired of managing all the booking of accommodation, food and travel combining them into a package. It allows you to make your own customisable package for holiday trips and weekend getaways. Being a Europe based company, travel republic UK was started in 2003 and since then, has grown to about 2 million bookings every year. It is a part of the Emirates Group and is known for its world-class services and easy bookings.


The official website for the same is Upon visiting the website you will find quite some options for browse from including, travel republic flights, travel republic hotels, travel republic login, travel republic contact number, travel republic transfers, travel republic deals, travel republic contact and much more. You can browse according to your preference and book the perfect holiday destination for you and that too, within your price range.

travel republic


This website offers best holiday destination options that fit just right into your budget. They provide an extensive range of options when it comes to making packages for you. Be it 2-3 star hotels or a luxurious and relaxing trip, travel republic has it all covered. Not only from beach destinations, but this site is also famous for giving the best city breaks, family holidays or couples retreat trips, all under a single destination. When it comes to protection, this domain does not take this for granted either. Republic travel is protected by ATOL so you need not worry about your finances and the bookings. You just have to choose the ideal hotel, flights, and all other travel arrangements and you are good to go.
Other than this, the travel republic offers the options of all-inclusive stays as well. It includes great value with the food, drinks and activities included that leaves you with nothing to worry about other than packing your bags and just leaving.


There are certain pre-made packages by travel republic manage my bookings that includes all the aspects of bookings.

  1. Exciting holiday deals :
    City breaks
    Winter sun
  2. Affordable flight deals
  3. Holiday’s Essentials :
    Airport transfers
    Airport parking
    Car for hire
    Travel insurance
travel republic

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It gives the benefit to the ones subscribing to the website, the chance of getting promo codes. You simply have to just subscribe yourself on the website and add your email to their list and you’re good to go. All the lest destination details along with the new packages and attractive and non-resilient discount codes will start to flow in your inbox.


  1. Save with 40% off your order :

  1. Get 25% off with any purchase :

  1. Holidays to Ibiza, special offers :

  1. Save 9% for the best Delta :

  1. Special offers on city break flights


To cancel any booking within 24 hours, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to travel republic’s web portal and get access to your booking details by using ‘Manage your booking’ tab.
  2. Then you have to submit a request on customer support stating that you wish to cancel your booking.
  3. Then just sit back and wait for them to respond. The basic duration for them to get back to you is maximum 2 business days, but of course, a top priority is given to the requests that are closer to the departure time.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the above steps, you can directly call the customer support for the desired assistance.

If you cancel for more than 7 days before departure :

You will be charged with a €40 as a cancellation fee, or you have the option to pay the value of the booking as a whole, in case it is lower than the cancellation charge. However, if you make a new accommodation booking within 30 days of having cancelled more than 7 days before departure, you will be provided with a refund of €15. That can be profitable enough for you.

If you cancel 7 days or less before departure :

You will be charged with 100% of the initial booking value. If you have cancelled 7 days or less before departure, contact travel republic’s team of sales to see if any refund is applicable. But still, this is a loss kind of situation for you because the chances of getting a refund are minimum. So it is better to plan a trip accordingly.

In cases where you have used the discount or promo code for the booking and the hotel has charged the amount as a whole, then there is no chance of getting a refund, whatsoever.


In cases where you have purchased the non-refundable rate from a hotel or other provider, complete payment is needed at the time of the booking. This being a promotional rate, no changes can be made to such bookings after being confirmed. However, if you need to amend any other aspect of your booking related to your flight or transportation, you can contact the customer support of travel republic for further assistance. But you need to keep in mind that it is not always possible to make the amendments in the bookings if they are close to the departure time.

travel republic


Travel Republic also offers a very beneficial is an interesting name change policy. Under this, you can change the name of the person who is travelling and sell you complete booking. It is best in the cases of cancellations where you are charged a considerable amount of fee and it becomes hard to cancel. Travel Republic allows you to change the name of the person travelling, for your holiday for a €25 fee. You are also responsible for paying any of the fees that the accommodations or airline subject to you on your account.


There are certain things that travel republic takes care of if you sign yourself up for its insurance policy. Some of them are :

  1. Medical expenses for any kind of medical emergency.
  2. Trip cancellation and interruptions.
  3. Insurance for personal luggage.

Apart from the above-stated things, travel republic travel insurance has a 24 hr emergency helpline in case you need them. You can contact them anytime.
Whatever activities you do like snorkelling, water-skiing, cycling, golf, fishing and more, has got it all covered.

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