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Social Add World is a unit DEVELOPED by J T S Trade Mart Private Limited. The Social Add world is a free web-based procuring site where you can win online with no venture.

The social add world is a brilliant open door for individuals who are anticipating winning and profit with no venture. this stage encourages u to simply sit at home and profit. the sum you get can go from 24 rs for every day to 3 lakhs for every day. you simply need to snap and view a few advertisements. What’s more, simply share it with your loved ones .there is no enlistment expense or joining charge u simply need to make another login id that also is your telephone number just and secret word .and ur id is the starting when ur id is made u simply need to complete some undertaking and afterwards u can continue to like .this is what u need to do. what’s more, this is the manner in which u can without much of a stretch make money.try it this is extremely a decent stage u can depend on.



To turn into the biggest and confided in an advanced stage that empowers Individuals and developing organizations to make openings through Social Media, therefore, upgrading their financial supportability in India.


  • Enabling Advertisers to advance their organizations.
  • Enabling Advertisers to advance other organizations.
  • Innovation stage to be most powerful, verified and versatile development.
  • A computerized stage for Social Collaboration of contemplations, likes and sharing.
  • Guarantee a ONE STOP medium keeping the personality of the Individual or Business private.


Official Android application to get to our site where the client enters their login qualifications.


With the assistance of this application, the client can log in to our site “” and go to overlook page if on the off chance that client overlooks their login qualifications for example username or password. This application is just for login reason.



For Free Registration in Social Add World, first, you need to look on Social Add World on Google or just snap on the given connection

At that point, you need to tap on the ‘Go along with the US”. In the wake of tapping ongoing along with us you will get two alternatives:

  • Join for Indians
  • Join other people

One who has a place with Indian Territory can enlist by tapping on join for Indians and the individuals who have a place with any piece of the world other than India can enlist by tapping on Join for other people.

Here we can see a data and guarantee from the side of the organization

“Try not to stress it’s FREE and consistently will be.”

Completely right folks, Registration in Social Add World is absolutely free enemy each individual, you don’t need to contribute a solitary penny here.

For Registration, one should top off every one of the subtleties precisely.


‘Support ID’

Support ID is essentially a one of a kind Referral ID of any part. Here you need to fill

Support ID:- 7277444409

At that point second thing you need to top off is


You need to top off your name which is referenced in your Valid Government ID or Certificates or Pan Card.

Try not to top off your pet name or wrong name since you won’t most likely pull back your income from Social Add World.

The third thing you have top off is

‘Versatile NUMBER’.

You can enrol by any number however I will prescribe to enlist with Whats-App no. so that after enrollment you can join Social Add World Whats-application gathering with the goal that you can show signs of improvement data and update learning about the organization.

Join Whats-application Group by tapping the connection and message admin.

At that point, the next thing to top off is ‘EMAIL ID’.

Top off right email id so that in the event that guesses you overlook the secret word of Social Add World Id then you can recuperate it from your email id.

Next box is


Here the secret key you need to pick is must be of 8 Character.

It should be alpha-numeric for example it should must contain letter sets and numbers and you can utilize

The principal character must be a capital letter. Example:


[email protected]

Next is


In this, you need to retype a similar secret key you have picked.

Next, you need to choose your ‘Sexual orientation’ it is possible that you are male or female.

Next, you need to top off your “CITY” name. After this please recheck all the data you have topped off.

After that, you need to tick the crate of Terms and conditions. And after that snap on the


Subsequent to Clicking on Register Now, you will get a one-time secret key (OTP) on the versatile number you had given.

You simply need to duplicate that secret key and glue on the Social Add World Website.

At that point, you will get a message popup of REGISTRATION SUCCESSFUL.

So along these lines Registration in Social Add World is effectively finished.

Presently after Free Registration in Social Add World, The subsequent stage is to Complete One Time Easy Tasks


Anyone can do this locally established activity who have a straightforward cell phone with the web. Young men, Girls, Students, a male/female having employments, resigned individual, a wedded man or lady who don’t have room schedule-wise to go for occupation and need to gain sitting at home and so on.


Referrals Income

As fore referenced that Social Add World is a Free Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Concept.

Everyone who registers gets a one of a kind profile where he/she gets a remarkable Sponsor ID and Referral Link which should impart to anybody like with companions, family, Classmates, Colleagues, and even outsiders through internet based life like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Hike and so forth.

As should be obvious in above picture, when any individual, suppose “A” share its referral connection and make joining of 10 new members(Let’s state “B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K”) with him, at that point individual will get a winning of 1$ implies 60 INR.

Essentially when those new 10 members(“B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K”) will share their support connection and make joining of 10-10 new individuals every one of their own at that point (“B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K”) will get 1$ each however together with that ‘A’ will get a procuring of 7$ also.

What’s more, along these lines the arrangement and acquiring proceeds till 7 levels.

  • Note 1: Referral Income is considered one Time Income only.
  • Note 2: Referral salary depends on dynamic individuals only. Active individuals are those individuals who had seen Ads at any rate 10 days after the effective enlistment.
  • Note 3: There is no in that capacity most extreme and least confinement of making individuals participate in your group. You can make boundless no. of joining.

Truth be told the more you will make individuals join the more will be your procuring with a quicker pace. Here 10 joining is referenced just to demonstrate the arrangement.

Self Ads View Income

This pay can be said as the centre salary strategy/work in Social Add World.

It is a Daily Income for which you need to tap on promotions.

When you Register and you have no any Team individuals at that point, you need to tap on 20 Ads Daily and thus you will get a gaining of 0.15$ for example Rs. 09 on everyday schedule. This is known as Self Ad View Income.

In any case, when you effectively allude it to 10 Active individuals then your pay rate of Self-promotions see pay diminishes and now it becomes 0.10$ for example Rs. 06 every day.

Again when you effectively allude it to 100 Active individuals then your pay rate of Self-promotions see salary diminishes and now it becomes 0.05$ for example Rs. 03 every day.

we get Social Add World Self Ads View Income just up to the second Level.

Group Ads View Income

In any case, when your colleagues see promotions then it alludes as Team Ads View Income. This pay can likewise be said as the centre pay technique/work in Social Add World.

At the point when your level 1 colleague for example Whom you have Directly alluded, in the event that expects there are 10 individuals and they click on advertisements, at that point they will get their self-promotions to see pay of 0.10$ each yet separated from that you will likewise get acquiring of 0.02$ from every part, at that point 0.02*10 = 0.2$ for example Rs. 12 Daily.

At the point when your Level 1 individuals make joining then they will go under Level 2 of your team. In a similar way, various rates of procuring have been dispensed until level 7. The maximum sum you can procure every day from here is 2,40,072 INR for each Day.

Truly, It’s an intensity of Free Multi-Level Marketing.

On the off chance that we take a model :

On the off chance that we see acquiring up to level 3 just, at that point you can make Rs. 375 every day for example 11,250 every Month.

Truly, This is the intensity of Multi-Level Marketing.

Repurchase Income

Social Add World has its web-based shopping entryway from where individuals can buy and do looking for anything. Numerous variations of items with an enormous item range will be accessible there.

Later you will come to realize that when we pull back profit then 10% of gaining is moved to the Shopping Wallet. From this sum, you will do internet shopping.

Presently plan of repurchase salary is the point at which you will purchase items from social Add World internet shopping site then you will get cashback/winning of 10% of all-out brand esteem

(BV) of that item in your wallet.

Additionally when your Level 1 colleague will purchase items then he will get 10% cashback/gaining in his wallet however together with that you will likewise get acquiring of 7% of all out BV in your wallet also. Correspondingly unique winning rates are apportioned to various levels until level 7. Including it is all out 30%.

Let’s comprehend this with a model…. Let’s accept, in a month you purchased a result of 1000 BV at exactly that point you will get gaining of 10%, for example, Rs 100.

Accept there are 10 colleagues in level 1, and every one of them purchased results of 1000BV, at that point

1000BV * 10 Member = 10000.

At that point they will get a cashback of 10% each yet together with that you will get 7% of Total Shopping from level 1, for example, Rs 700. So also from level 2, you will get a winning of Rs. 5,000 and from there level 3, you will get a handsome amount of 30,000 rupees.

So just from 3 levels, you can win Rs 35,800.


  • One IP = One ID
  • 1 Mobile/Laptop, 1 Email ID,
  • 1 PAN Card = 1 ID
  • In the event that you are not seeing your Ads,, at that point, you can not gain from your Downline Team.
  • Our One Time Task is mandatory for making the ID dynamic.
  • On the off chance that any ID isn’t qualified, at that point organization can hinder his ID.


first withdrawal

Obligatory in Bid 2 Recharge(B2R)

First withdrawal – 25$

Derivation — – 10% Admin Charge Bid2Recharge is organization’s App accessible on Google Play Store. Find out about B2R,

second Withdrawal and onwards

Bank Withdrawal-100$ or it’s various

Derivation –

5% TDS (Tax),

10%Admin Charge,

10% Shopping Wallet.

The individuals who are from different nations can pull back their gaining through-


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Certificate Of Incorporation: J T S Trade Mart Private Limited is registered under Government of India and is incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 (No. 1 of 1956).

Its Corporate Identity Number – U51909UP2013PTC061044 of 2013-2014.

It was registered on 5th December 2013 which means it is working for the last 5 years. 


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