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Leicester Mercury is a British regional newspaper for the city of Leicester. Giving its users print, website and app, it even gives the circulation to the countries of Leicestershire and Rutland. The paper was started in the early 19th century as Leicester Daily Mercure but later changed its name to the present one. First founded by James Thompson, it publishes its first copy on 31 January 1874 having four pages of five columns each. At the time the paper has a staff of 25 people and had a circulation of 5000 copies. It was a big deal considering those times.

Leicester Mercury


In the past two decades, Leicester Mercury has struggled a lot along with the rest of the UK’s regional daily press. There were a 5.7% year-by-year decline and a 47% drop in sales as compared to the circulation in the late 1900s. At that time, the newspaper was the sixth largest-selling regional daily in England. In the year 2001, it was awarded as the Regional Newspaper of the Year. But apart from this honour, in later years the newspaper has to reduce costs. For this, it had to cut out some of the weekday editions like Loughborough, Hinckley, Melton Mowbray and some other more. Although after some time they were replaced by two general editions covering the east and the west part of the Leicestershire. In the times of inflation, even when there were major cuts of editorial staff in other regions, the Mercury was able to retain its reporting staff in each of the market towns.
In 2016, the editor-in-chief of the daily Kevin Booth has to resign for some personal reasons but the post was later filled by George Oliver who took the editorship right after the resignation. Apart from the inner changes, the newspaper’s headquarters went under major renovations and external transformation but now has been reopened for the general public. In March 2017, the offices were moved from Mercury Place to New Walk.

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Leicester Mercury live has the official online website by the name www.leicestermercury.co.uk. It has some interesting features and categories for you to browse from. Providing you with Leicester mercury news, Leicester mercury crime, Leicester mercury latest news, Leicester mercury business, sports and some special features it gives an additional feature to browse for the latest news updates in your area. Yes, it has a special category for it. Apart from this, it also gives an all exclusive category of ‘Tigers’ that is one of the world’s most famous rugby union clubs. Not only this but the website also provides the latest public notices property details, voucher codes, or in case you want to book an ad, it will help you to do so.

Leicester Mercury


Leicester Mercury death notices or obituaries is another exclusive feature offered by them. In here you can conduct obituary searches, offer condolences or tributes, send flowers or even create an online memorial of the deceased. It is a great way to get any such information published or uploaded for any given reasons.


Exceeding the expectations, in addition to Leicester mercury news today it also gives a separate section for jobs. When looking for the most suitable job for you, instead of searching numerous sites you just have to visit the single website or buy the newspaper and you will get more than the needed amount of options. Looking at this from a normal person’s point of view, they get the answers to all their questions and result in all their quests all in the single medium. And as for the company, who doesn’t love a medium that can reach masses all at once.

Leicester Mercury

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Providing us with more options to access, Leicester mercury has now launched its all-new mobile app. It is available on both google play store and app store for android and iOS users respectively. The app can be downloaded for free and since it has been launched it’s been downloaded 25,000 times. If you already have the app you will notice the difference in a slick, clean interface and strong and fresh content hold with its all exclusive feature picture gallery. In addition to this, you can watch videos, receive local traffic updates and even have access to the engaging interactive functions. It has been a year since the app launch and they bring to you any required bug fixes and updates of the version. It has an added feature of push notifications and the breaking news of the city and all the trending content for its readers. It even allows you to customise and personalize your browsing experience according to the news that matters the most to you.


As we know by now, Leicester mercury is a British regional newspaper exclusively featuring Leicester mercury news today front page and latest updates about the city. Leicester is a city with a young and diverse population and it is reflected in the vibrant city centre. Including best business destination, a great place for job creation, having the highest housing stock growth and thriving creative industries, it is a city worth writing about. But apart from all the positive things, this city has high rates of antisocial behaviour. Not so high rates in burglary and violent crimes, still the newspaper finds a lot of breaking news to serve the readers.
Apart from being a nice city, this is not the only thing that it is famous for. This city has its own football team named by it ‘Leicester City Football Club’.


Along with giving us great content and latest news updates Leicester mercury provide us with certain award shows that are now a tradition.

  1. Leicestershire Live Innovation Awards 2020

All the hardworking people, businesses and organisations behind the brightest ideas and new technologies yet again have the opportunity to be awarded for the remarkable works.

  1. LercesterShire Live Educational Awards 2020

Giving utmost respect to the teaching community, in this award Mercury searches for students, schools or teachers who are really able to demonstrate that they’ve overcome whatever came in their way. If you’re looking for some inspiring stories to be awarded then this is the show for you.

  1. Leicestershire Live Business Awards 2020

Inspiring many young entrepreneurs and honouring the hard work and achievements of the existing business owners, the newspaper awards them for their efforts. Apart from this, the main aim of this particular award show is to support Rainbow Hospice for Children and Young People by raising funds.

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