Khatrimaza is a public torrent website that posts pirated motion pictures online. In simple words, it uploads the latest HD quality movies after their release for people to watch online or download and see for free. The audience can find Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Punjabi, dubbed, dual audio and many other kinds of movies on the website. And it doesn’t just limit itself to the movies but also provide its users with some of the web series from digital platforms. It provides HD quality videos and doesn’t charge money for any activity. And because khatrimaza does not charge its’s audience, it makes money through the pop-up ads. But apart from all the perks that it offers one must know that in most countries, including India, uploading pirated content is illegal. That means that if you do download from such a website, it makes you too a part of the crime.



The platform does not only offer an online portal but also an app for a more smooth and easy experience for its audience. The khatrimaza app is much more easy to use and gives the user a fast and ad-free experience. You will notice this once you start using the app. Here are some basic details about the app.

File Size: 3.5 MB

Version: v3.0

Requirement: Android 4.0 & Above

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

Last Updated: Not Known

License: Free

Link to Khatrimaza App:


The all-new and upgraded version of the Khatrimaza app provides fast and easy download of the videos. Apart from this, it gives you the search tab and some much more added features for the best user experience. It also provides speed downloads and the most liked perk of using the app is the ad-free zone. Khatrimaza app does not show pop-up ads when using the app. One disadvantage that the user’s experience is that the app is not available on play store for download. But not to worry because they got it all covered. The khatrimaza app can be downloaded through a third party website.



For you to know, khatrimaza is a video piracy website. Video piracy is illegal, it makes the website unavailable to some countries to have access to. In order to access the khatrimaza website, you need to follow some steps.


  1. First of all, you need a VPN to change your location.
  2. After installing the VPN app open the app and select the location. Do not forget to check the IP address.
  3. Then if the IP address is changed go to the official website of Khatrimaza. You will get full access to the Khatrimaza website. Now you can choose any movie to download.


  1. If you are a desktop user you might use Chrome Browser & if you don’t use chrome please install it. In the mobile, you need to install a VPN app but in Desktop it’s totally different. This time you have to install a VPN extension.
  2. After installing, Setup VPN and connect the location. This VPN doesn’t require any registration so it’s very easy to use.
  3. After connecting to new IP go the official website of Khatrimaza and now you are set to go.


As you know that khatrimaza is an illegal website. This means that any activity that you perform on the web portal makes you a part of the illegal activity. It is always recommended to go to a movie hall to watch the movie or wait for it to come on television. You can even get a subscription of the apps that stream the movies. But if khatrimaza is the answer that you stop on then here are the steps to download the movie.

  1. First, open Khatrimaza in your browser. After opening the website you will see some latest uploaded movies.
  2. Use the search bar of Khatrimaza. Now write the name of the movie that you need to download at the search bar. After using that you will get a search result. You will find the movie that you want to download.
  3. As you know that these websites are torrent & illegal so for money they use Pop-up ads.  You have to face these ads when you enter the website. If you are a Computer or Laptop user you can use some ad-blocker Extention to block these pop-up ads. Just go to the chrome Extention tool and search for “Ad Blocker” & you will find it very easily.
  4.  After cutting all the ads you will see the thumbnail of the movie. Just click on it to play. Remember these torrent sites also allow to watch these latest movies online.
  5. But if you don’t want to watch it online & you just want to download it you will get the download button below the movie content. Now just click on “Download” & the download will start automatically in just a few seconds. But if you are a Computer or Laptop user you can use “IDM” Software to make your download fast.

Download Bollywood movie from tamilgun


Apart from the official khatrimaza website, it offers some other similar links that might not be the most efficient but works just fine for someone who has a hard time accessing the official website. These new weblinks upload the movies a little late. Also, the content that you can find on the official website might be a little difficult to be found here. They upload limited motion pictures. But like the original website, these links to are banned from some countries because of the existing piracy laws there. Some of the weblinks are,,, and much more. Other than these similar links, there are some alternate links to khatrimaza as well. A similar weblink and an alternate weblink are not similar because of the cons that we discussed previously of the similar links. Some of the alternative links are Movierulz, KatMovieHD, Filmywap, Putlocker and much more.











Apart from all the advantages that khatrimaza offers, still, leaking movies online is not only a violation of morals and ethics, but it also is illegal. Because of this, khatrimaza does face some struggles while operating. It frequently has to change its web URL so that it continues to work. Every time the cybercrime department takes an action on any of its weblinks, it changes it to another and leaks the movies, yet again, in HD quality. As mentioned earlier, khatrimaza used to have an app as well that was initially available on google play store but because of piracy issues, it was taken down. But to the operators, all this struggle seems worth it because khatrimaza has been working for years and now has become the most famous online portal to download and watch HD quality movies.

Not only in India, but also in the United States of America it has reached a good level of popularity. But then again, piracy is a crime and there is nothing safe about a crime. In the past few years, video piracy wasn’t given much importance but since last year, the laws have become quite strict. Earlier the laws were not exactly focussed on a particular individual viewing or downloading the content but recently, it has been taken into consideration that if an individual is caught doing such crime, then they should be punished for the same. Keeping aside the piracy issues and giving a review about the website, Khatrimaza 2018 was good but Khatrimaza 2020 is better. But Khatrimaza Bollywood 2020 is getting more use than the Hollywood content. Because it is very famous in the USA. But it is still suggested for you to not use this kind of website & it is recommended for you to go to a cinema hall and enjoy the original content.


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