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There has been a lot of buzz going on about the 41-year old singer Kanika Kapoor who has recently been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus or as we know it, Coronavirus.
The singer has had a couple of hit songs in the past, mostly Baby Doll and Chittiyan Kalaiyaan among some others. But not only her career but her life as well has had quite a hit when she tested positive. A lot of allegations, rumours and among them, some facts have been flooding in the social media and other platforms. One thing out of all that’s true is that she sure does have the virus and currently, she has been quarantined along with her family into the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) hospital in Lucknow.

kanika kapoor


Until recently there hadn’t been many cases of the spread of the virus in Lucknow. It all started to spread like a forest fire when the singer Kanika Kapoor landed in Lucknow. Even then and there, she wasn’t detected of having the virus somehow. Kanika was in London for some time and returned last week. What’s more suspicious about this situation is why the authorities weren’t aware of her travel history or rather, why did Kanika not tell the officials about her travel history. Another alarming fact is if she had the virus all along, why wasn’t it detected at the airport of any country, India or London? This still remains a big question. In addition to this, after her arrival in the city, Kanika also attended a party with her friends and family at a five-star hotel. Important people like Vasundhara Raje, Dushyant Singh and Uttar Pradesh health minister Jai Pratap were also a part of this party. The famous and top interior designer Adil Ahmad, nephew of Akbar Ahmad Dumpy, hosted this party. He was the one who had done the interior designing for Vasundhara Raje’s home in Delhi. Even many other bureaucrats, politicians and socialites were also attending the party that evening.

kanika kapoor



The doctors have been taking all necessary actions and precautions to get this situation under control. But what’s more big of a problem for the doctors is that now they need to figure out a way to quarantine the entire building where the singer stayed and also perform necessary health inspections on everyone who attended the party or were in any kind of physical contact with her for all these days. Apart from this, the singer’s father gave a statement telling the media that it wasn’t just a single party that his daughter Kanika attended. There were three parties to be exact, attended by her making it a total of almost 400 people who came into physical contact with her. “Six of us in our family are undergoing test today at 4 pm. Kanika has attended three parties after her arrival. She came in contact with around 350-400 people in three parties. Along with Kanika, we are also in isolation,” said Rajiv Kapoor, Kanika Kapoor’s father. In addition to this, he claimed the rumour being false of her daughter dodging the authorities at the airport for health inspection. He said that Kanika went through all the necessary procedures and was inspected of ‘nothing’. She was clear to go without even a single sign of coronavirus. The current news is that apart from Kanika Kapoor there are three more people who have been tested positive of the Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh.


And just when we thought that quarantine would be the end result for the singer, another hurdle has now made her way in. Kanika Kapoor has been booked by the Uttar Pradesh police for negligence and committing acts that are prone to spread the disease on a much larger scale. It is so because of her carelessness towards the government’s initiative of self-isolation when she chose to attend three parties at different locations in Lucknow after her arrival. Many known political leaders and celebrities were a part of one of these gatherings and some of them have now been tested positive of the coronavirus. An FIR has been registered against the name of the singer at Sarojini Nagar police station on Friday. This was filed by the Lucknow Chief medical officer. The singer has been charged for violation and negligence under the following sections :
IPS Section 269: Negligence acts likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life
IPC Section 270: Malignant acts likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life
IPC Section 188: Disobedience to order duly promulgated by a public servant


After all the chats going up in the media and amongst people about the fact that the singer has been tested positive of coronavirus, Kanika Kapoor had to step up to clear her image. With many allegations put on her for the careless behaviour, it was becoming hard for her. She recently posted on Instagram two pictures, on being the earth wearing a mask and another one being her selfie. She said that she was cleared at the airport and the authorities ensure her and her family that there was nothing to worry about. According to her, it wasn’t until a few days after her arrival the the ‘signs of flu’ started to show. When she found out about her situation of being tested positive of having the virus, she and her family immediately went into self-quarantine and followed all the necessary medical procedures. “I was scanned at the airport according to the normal procedure 10 days ago when I came back home, the symptoms have developed a few days ago. At this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self-isolation and get tested if you have the signs”, the singer said.

kanika kapoor


It is proved that even a single person can affect many if not acted wisely. Kanika Kapoor could’ve avoided attending all those parties. Alertness and smartness are two factors that are much needed in times like these. Although the singer has now been quarantined along with with her family, still the situation of the spread persists and the fear itself is killing the state and nation. It is urged to all to follow all the protocols given by the government to stay safe and healthy. Self-isolation is as important as much as washing hands frequently and using a hand sanitiser every 20 minutes.

This is what RAJVI DESAI, Editor at The Swaddle has to say about the whole “Kanika Kapoor Corona Bringing” Things.

“Stop Vilifying Kanika Kapoor. We Gain Nothing From Stigmatizing Illness.”

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