Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives, Proxy and Mirrors

Do you also have doubt if extratorrents is blocked? Are you looking for some similar sites? If yes, then here is all the information you need. The information required to unblock extratorrents is given below. All the torrent lovers must know about extratorrents. To download free movies online it was one of the oldest and most famous sites.

Torrent files with links to movies, software, games and other content can be accessed on torrent site. By building a strong community and keeping freshly updated content extratorrent gained popularity within 10 years.

In the whole torrent ecosystem, extratorrent is very popular and also considered among the best torrent websites such as limetorrents and the pirate bay. Those people who prefer downloading torrents, movies and games through P2P file sharing method, use extratorrent. It was established in 2006. Its advanced search function is one of the best features of the site. There is not a single thing which you couldn’t find in the torrent search box.

Extratorrent was the site ranking next to the pirate bay on the second number in 2019. But the main website hat is extratorrent.cc was shut down after a number of incidents in May 2017. None of these sites has stayed active for a long time according to observations.

Sadly, extratorrents 2018 version has been blocked by government and internet service providers. People lost access to the site. however, if you are interested in finding a way out then by using extratorrents proxy you can still access to extratorrents search options. Several website developers make the duplicate site of the original one so that people can get access and download things in case site get blocked in your region.

ExtraTorrents Proxy – How does it work?

If a website gets blocked by the government or internet service provider, then a proxy server gives you access to that website. At times, the developers of the original site make a duplicate so that users can download still from the site to their device. Hence, you can access to extra torrents through several proxies and mirror sites and can easily get the extratorrent movies 2019 download.

Here are the best alternatives if you want to download a movie:


Here are Top 5 ExtraTorrent mirror sites:

·        https://extratorrents.ch/

·        http://www.extratorrent2.net/

·        https://extratorrent.si/

·        https://myextratorrents.com/

·        https://extratorrents-cc.com/

Usually, mirror sites are confused with proxies even though they have not much in common. The difference is proxy sites act as messengers, they help you provide content from the site without actually direct contact from the site. the whole process works when the original site works, mirror sites and proxies are used to bypass internet censorship.

Which ExtraTorrent Proxy Will You Choose?

Do you think that using torrent websites for downloading the movie is a completely unpredictable experience?  For each extraordinary connection that you can discover, there is another which offers faulty worth. At the point when you include the way that the overall population frequently relates these downloads with criminal operations, picking a stage which is a blend of intermediaries, mirrors, and clones may appear to be an unsafe endeavour.

Download movies

It is preferred to choose a platform with a more established and current reputation for the newcomers. If you are an extratorrent lover then, your need can be met by VPN and options given below to choose from.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Are you still finding an alternative for extratorrent to share files? Here is a reminder that you all must keep in mind that VPN mentor not support sharing of copyrighted materials and going against it is known to be illegal. But they can help you here. There are so many alternatives to extratorrent that you can access, all you need to take care of using a VPN whenever you access.  

1.      The Pirate Bay (https://thepiratebay.org/)

2.      isoHunt (https://isohunts.to/)

3.      RARBG (https://rarbg.to/index23.php)

4.      LimeTorrents (https://torrents.me/site/limetorrents/)

5.      Popcorn Time (https://popcorn-time.to/)

6.      TorrentDownloads  (https://www.torrentdownloads.me/)

7.      Seedpeer (https://seedpeer.mrunlock.space/)

8.      1337x (https://www.1337x.tw/)

9.      Zooqle (https://zooqle.com/)

10.  Toorgle (http://www.toorgle.com/)

The prominent ones have been discussed in detail.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is, no doubt, the undisputed boss of the universe of torrenting. Presently that KAT, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrent are down, one can anticipate that individuals should go to Pirate Bay for relief. In the course of recent years, Pirate Bay has experienced many good and bad times, yet the site still remains steadfast till date. It is by a wide margin the best ExtraTorrent elective out there.

2. IsoHunt

Another mainstream deluge site, isoHunt has numerous downpours from different types. In 2003, IsoHunt needed to pay $110 million as a settlement after it lost the fight in court against MPAA. Despite the fact that IsoHunt was back with an alternate space name after a brief time is as yet going solid. So on the off chance that one is scanning for an ExtraTorrent elective, IsoHunt is the perfect site for him.


Probably the most seasoned site in the books, RARBG, is among the most established downpour sites to have stayed the web. The beneficial thing about this site is the real audits it gives in regards to downpours. This is a result of the gigantic after of the site, that it has figured out how to get the third spot on the rundown.

4. LimeTorrents

Another commendable ExtraTorrent elective, LimeTorrents, isn’t another player in the privateering business. With an amazing database, the site offers a colossal number of magnet interfaces that can be utilized to acquire your preferred downpour. Dissimilar to other ExtraTorrent options, LimeTorrent doesn’t have deluge records, it rather works increasingly like an internet searcher.

5. Popcorn Time

Not a downpour site, in essence, Popcorn Time gives you a chance to stream deluges legitimately; however, it downloads the downpour briefly on your PC. It gives you a chance to stream your preferred films and TV shows directly from the deluge. However, one must have a decent web speed to counter buffering.

The site utilizes BitTorrent Protocol and separates the document into little lumps to encourage continuous spilling. Be cautioned, however, since it’s practically a similar thing as a deluge, you’ll be requiring a VPN for Popcorn Time so as to avoid the radar.

Extratorrents Unblock 2019

Steps to Use a VPN to Unblock Extratorrent 2019

Step#1: Download a VPN App from this list

Step#2: Run the Software to enable it

Step#3: Now, use one of above Extratorrent proxy to download your favourite content from the site



An amazing website to download torrents is extratorrents. Several kinds of mov stay tunes with our blog.ies in different quality and different games can be downloaded. in the above article, we mentioned aspects of extratorrents and working extratorrents proxy. Hoping proxies worked for you as mentioned above. for any kind of questions feel free to post in the comment section, would love to hear your experience. For such informative posts


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