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This is your one-stop goal for Etrain and their following data.

Indian Railways (IR) is India’s national railroad system worked by the Ministry of Railways. It manages the fourth-greatest railroad compose on earth by size, with a course length of 67,368-kilometers (41,861 mi) and complete track length of 121,407-kilometers (75,439 mi) as of March 2017. Courses are accused of 25 kV AC electric balance while thirty-three per cent of them are twofold or multi-pursued.

This is your one-stop destination for Etrain and their following information.

Indian Railways (IR) is India’s national railroad framework worked by the Ministry of Railways. It deals with the fourth-biggest railroad organize on the planet by size, with a course length of 67,368-kilometres (41,861 mi) and complete track length of 121,407-kilometres (75,439 mi) as of March 2017. Courses are charged with 25 kV AC electric footing while thirty-three per cent of them are twofold or multi-followed.

Indian Railway (IR) runs in excess of 20,000 travellers prepares every day, on both long-separation and rural courses, from 7,349 stations crosswise over India. The trains have a five-digit numbering framework. Mail or express trains, the most well-known sorts, keep running at a normal speed of 50.6 kilometres every hour (31.4 mph).In the cargo portion, IR runs in excess of 9,200 trains day by day. The normal speed of cargo trains is around 24 kilometres for every hour (15 mph).

As of March 2017, IR’s moving stock comprised of 277,987 cargo wagons, 70,937 traveller mentors and 11,452 trains. Indian Railways possesses trains and mentor creation offices at a few areas of India. The world’s eighth-biggest boss, it had 1.308 million representatives as of March 2017.

In the year completion March 2018, IR conveyed 8.26 billion travellers and moved 1.16 billion tons of cargo. In the financial year 2017–18, IR is anticipated to have an income of ₹1.874 trillion (US$27 billion), comprising of ₹1.175 trillion (US$17 billion) in cargo income and ₹501.25 billion (US$7.3 billion) in traveller income, with a working proportion of 96.0 per cent.


Etrain is an online stage that enables the clients to check train running status, timings and reservation records. This is a very helpful and super informative platform for the tons of people using TRAINS as their source of transportation. Trains are used by a lot of people in INDIA because they are always in budget and are very comfortable to travel, they provide food, have good seats, ACs are always working fine, Cleanliness is considered the primary motive for the hospitality staff. This platform provides very decent services without paying a single penny to anybody. This website that is the official Indian Railway Website allows the user to check train runny status, Timings, reservation records and many other things as well, everything at a single click.

Official Etrain Website

The official ETRAIN website is a non-governmental that does not have any connection with the INDIAN RAILWAYS, Government Railway or GOI in any way possible. Every information available on the website is just for information and help of the general public. Etrain is a private Non-Commercial website whose sole motive is to provide best of information.

The information that user can get here is about Running Status, Rake Information, PNR Status Train Route, Arrival-Departure, fair Charts.  


You can simply copy and paste the bold text in the search bar of your search engine:

Download the Etrain Application Now

You can simply download the Etrain application from your PLAY STORE if you’re an android user or from APP STORE if you’re an Apple mobile phone user. This application is very simple and comfortable, Do not need much of your precious time and does not even want many activities. You can simply go to the application that is downloaded on your mobile phone, and you can look for tickets, reservations, tatkal seating status, train running time etc.


Official Railway Websites (Etrain websites)

  • IRCTC (Online Ticket Booking)
  • Indian Rail Enquiry/Train Running Status
  • Indian Rail Official Portal/Railway Complains
  • Rail Tourism India/Palace on Wheels

How to check Check PNR Status in Etrain

  1. Type your 10 Digit PNR Number in “Get PNR Status” Form.
  2. Snap-on “Get” Button.
  3. PNR Details will be shown in Right Window.
  4. You can likewise Get PNR Status by utilizing “Snappy Menu” Bar.

Search Trains Between Stations

  1. Type Name or Code of Station in “Trains Between Stations” Form.
  2. Select your From and To Station from the auto-generated Station List.
  3. Snap-on “Get Trains” Button.
  4. Train List will be shown in Right Window.
  5. Determination of Date and Quota is just vital in the event that you are checking accessibility.
  6. In the wake of changing Date or Quota, you don’t have to scan again for trains.

To book your train tickets online:

You can simply copy and paste the bold text in the search bar of your search engine:

Go to Google and past the same text that is you see above (in bold) and you’ll get to the main page of IRCTC online train booking page that is absolutely free of cost. There are no usage charges, you just have to pay the ticket amount that you’re booking by your debit/credit card.

How to check the availability of trains

  1. Quest For your Trains by Following Steps in Help Content – Search Trains Between Stations.
  2. On the off chance that you have not Selected Date or Quota in “Get Trains Between Stations” Form, at that point Select Date and standard to Check Availability.
  3. In the Train List, Click on Respective Class Name of Train in which you need to check Seat Availability
  4. Seat availability will be shown beneath the train list.
  5. On the off chance that your Train doesn’t keep running on Selected Date, An exchange will show up for date reselection.
  6. You don’t require to look again for your trains in the event that you change your date or share.

Or you can simply copy that bold text and paste it in your search bar this will directly take you to the official website of IRCTC where you can check the availability of the seats.


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