e621 – Is it harmful? vegan? benefits? functions? food code?

E621 is also known as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) that is used as a flavour increasing substance in most of the food items. There are millions of arguments about e621’s in many health centres. Doctors proved that it can cause Headaches, Asthma and in some rare cases can damage the human brain too. And on the other side, Most renowned source, FDA, says that e621 is “safe”.

This article is all about e621, benefits, uses, functions, is it vegan, its food code, etc.

E621 is popularly known as Monosodium glutamate, which is also called MSG. e621 is generally used to increase the flavour of the food item or to add a little value of the flavour to it. There are various types of Glutamic acid and its salts that have a similar effect on food. E621 basically transfers a taste known as “UMAMI”, in the food item. Just so you know it is added in the list with four other, Bitter, Sour, Sweet, Salty. It has been used over time to transfer the taste of umami in food items. Glutamate is also known for its high qualities of protein and therefore used in almost every protein good such as Milk, Seafood, Meat, Vegetables and Poultry.


Back in time, various unreliable reports were identified that claimed that people having an intake of e621 in their food has been seen with indications of palpitation, weakness and numbness. It is majorly known as some Chinese syndrome. Furthermore, any of the symptoms listed above are not still confirmed scientifically by any major scientific research institute.

The flavour of e621 is self-limited. Back in time, In most of the dishes, glutamate (e621) is found ranging somewhere between 0.1% – 0.8% that is exactly similar to the amount of e621 been used in most food items to enhance the taste. This is the most exact and precise amount of it to be added in the food, even a little extra can ruin the flavour of the dish. This amount goes well with other ingredients and adds a little value to the recipe.

Origin of e621

E621 is just another salt from acid belonging to glutamate. With a nutritional point of view, Glutamate is a type of non-essential amino acid. E621 is also one of the acids that are super essential in making proteins and they are 20 in number.

There are two types or we better say forms of glutamate (e621). One is in the form of “Bound”, that is a bunch of amino acids that are used in making proteins and the other one is the “loose” form that is used in food as a flavour enhancing agent.


It has been scientifically proven that “GLUTAMATE” is a major source of energy for the intestine. Studies say that e621 in food passes somewhat 4% in the body. According to this study, the rest of the need of the body are fulfilled by itself.

It actually does not matter in what form the glutamate is being consumed, either bound form or lose because it automatically converts into free form for the production of energy. The brain is also the major part of the body that uses e621 as a protein but somehow it does not allow this kind of amino acid to entre brain. So, the brain has to make glutamate on its own from the other various kinds of amino acids present in the body.

e621 Food Code

It is classified by the European Union that e621 is a substance that is added in any food item just to increase the flavour of it and can be a little harmful when used extra.

Food Code – 29224220

E number – e621

e621 vegan / e621 vegetarian

e621 is known as Monosodium Glutamate, MSG or just Glutamate. Regardless of what you refer to this as e621 is 100% vegan or 100% vegetarian that means in the production of this amino acid no animal is used. All vegetarians can use this as a taste enhancer in their recipes.  

e621 ingredients

This substance is generally a white power type things that are without any smell, looks like tiny crystals and is completely dissolvable in water.  Usually, it consists of Sodium Cations and Glutamate anions.


Occurrence and production

E621 is present in many food items in various forms. It is present in bound form in grain products, fish, vegetables and meat. In different types of cheese, milk, soy sauce, tomato, potato, glutamate is present in the other form. Apart from its presence in food items, it can be mixed in various other dishes and can easily be used to increase the taste of it.

As we explained earlier that e621 is also known as monosodium glutamate. Its main purpose is the increase the taste of recipes and adds a little extra value in it. It is also called “E number” for glutamate. Glutamate has its own official internet portal “e621.net” that launched 12 years ago, on February 2017. Most people claimed that the content on the website is super delicious and mouth-watering. There is a bleaching chemical available in the market similar to the e621’s name. It is called e926 which puts this in the family of “E number”.

Back in 2017, it has taken all the attention in the world that most people started searching for this more than they do for an adult website for non-veg content. There is a website on the internet with a similar name that serves people with some adult content without registration that is kind of a new thing for most people.

That government has tried many times to shut that website down and they were successful because that particular website was showing illegal stuff over the internet that was really not acceptable.  

Users of e621

After 2017, most of people use e621 as a keyword to search that adult website. Despite all this tragedy, e621 still continue to be known as glutamate or MSG, the flavour increaser for the food. Many food websites still show results of e621 as a food taste increaser and have nothing related to furries.

Functions:  Taste enhancer

It was created in 1908 by some Japanese company. It is called Glutamate or MSG and has 2 forms, Bound and Free. The sole motive of e621 is just to enhance the flavour of the food item and add a little bit of value in it. 0.1% to 0.8% of the MSG should be added in a food item or else it can cause little problems here and there.

Why Do People Think It’s Harmful?

There is still nothing that has proved that e621 is harmful to a human body in any way. Like other amino acids, Glutamate is just another building block for the protein in the body. It also helps nerve cells to send signals to other parts of the body. It is also known as AJINOMOTO which directly means the essence of taste. Most people think that MSG is going straight to the brain and can damage the brain. But this is a proven fact that brain cells do not allow any kind of new acids to enter the brain. So, just for the brain, it synthesises its own glutamate from the other amino acids present in the body.

We conclude that it is 100% safe but when consumed in the percentage mentioned above. A little high dosage of the acid can lead the human body to some kind of loss. Not a big one but still a one. It’s better to take precautions anyway.  

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e621 - Is it harmful? vegan? benefits? functions? food code?
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e621 - Is it harmful? vegan? benefits? functions? food code?
e621 is known as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). e621 is mainly used as a flavour enhancer in food items. It is 100% vegan with little/no side effects on human.
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