9xMovies 2020: Full HD Movie Download

In today’s world, people prefer to sit back at home, relax and get the work done instead of actually going out. Be it buying groceries, ordering items or even watching movies.
9xmovies 2020 is the best web portal where one can find movies in various genres like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, 9xmovies 300mb and even web series which can be downloaded for free. Nowadays, no one prefers to go outside and watch a movie. It seems too expensive to invest in. But this website is the answer to all of your issues. But looking at a different perspective, although this website provides you with all kind of visual content to watch online for free, one must know that is website not only posts but leaks pirated content on the website. Like many other websites that are available online, 9xmovies is one of them.
It leaks pirated content online for its users to stream online or downloads and watches all free of cost. The major ones who suffer because of these websites are the producers of the movie. People have almost stopped going to a theatre or buy an original CD or DVD of the movie and are more leaned towards watching it online. Not only does it costs the loss of money to the filmmakers but it also steals them with the chance of knowing the actual reviews of the movie. With many websites giving all mixed reviews it becomes hard for the filmmakers to know the current stand of the movie in the audience and to know if it even is making a positive impact on them or not. In simple words, the process of feedback is eliminated when people prefer to visit these websites to watch or download movies instead of watching it live in a theatre or buying an original CD.


This website started its operations in 2015 and since has been widely spreading and uploading the illegal pirated content. One must know that apart from the website is illegal, if someone is found engaging with such website or in any activity related to it then the person also will be considered involved in the illegal work. Although there hasn’t been any law made specifying any individual, therefore, the original owner of the website has never been identified by the authorities. As previously discussed, uploading or leaking the original content by taking the permission of its owner is considered a crime. Also, there are fixed areas and rules as to which content can be reused and up unit which time limit if it is being copied. But still, if anyone is found violating these rules then they are addressed to fine and imprisonment by the officials for engaging in a crime. As mentioned above, 9xmovies is a very popular pirated website. It has been continuously uploading the latest movie copies onto their website and providing it to its users. Because it started its operations from 2015 it means that the web portal is 10 to 12 years in age. Talking about the format, you will have movies available for 9xMovies 300mb, mp4, HD, Full HD and all other format provided here. To know which format is suitable for you it needs to first be downloaded and then checked according to the storage space that is available to you. In addition to all of this, 9x movies provide you with different categories for 300mb movie download where you also get the option of 1080p and 720p quality movies. What’s special about this website is that it gives you 300mb movie download which, in terms of speed, gives speedy download with consuming with a little amount of data only.


Official Website


Giving different categories to choose from 9xmovies allows you to download in 300mb as well. You can search for any desired movie, click on its option and start downloading by tapping the downloading link. It then redirects you to a different site and the automatic download starts. Please note that, under any circumstances, it is not suggested to download movies from such website as it is the violation of law an and illegal activity.


9xMovies MIRRORS

9xmovies is an illegal website. This means that all the content posted on it is pirated and violates some type of law whatsoever. Because of this, they have been caught by the cybercrime department many times but each time they slip from them by finding a loophole. The loophole is that they keep changing their original website’s URL. Some of them are listed below.

  1. 9xmovies.pw
  2. 9xmovies.biz
  3. 9xmovies. vin
  4. 9xmovies.win
  5. 9xmovies.pro
  6. 9xmovies. press
  7. 9xmovies.proxy
  8. 9xmovies.icu
  9. 9xmovies.run
  10. 9xmovies.me


9xmovies is one of those websites in which you can download movies without any registration or sign up. Many websites ask for login/signup before letting you have access. It drives traffic by doing that. Once you register yourself on any such website, they keep sending you regular updates on movie releases, songs, and much other stuff to keep you engaged with the website. But in the case of 9xmovies, you can have access to their website without any such process. As soon as you tap the desired movie, you get all the related details in front of you. And after reading that you can download or stream online that movie. all of this is hassle-free. This website respects your privacy in all sense.

9xMovies Alternatives

9xmovies is not the only site that offers free download and streaming facilities to its users. There are many other websites available that gives you the same features. Of course, there are some pros when it comes to 9xmovies, but there are always alternatives available for you to choose from. some of them are listed below :

  1. Movies365.wiki
  2. 123moviesla.com
  3. 8xmovies.com
  4. khatrimaza.com
  5. World4free.run
  6. 300mbfilms.io

You can also check for:






Of course, downloading movies online is illegal. It is considered a crime. Earlier there were no laws related to this but in the past years, the government has been taking serious actions relating the crime. It starts from being imprisoned for about 3 to 6 years or paying penalty fees ranging from 50 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. Uploading pirated content online leads to jail. It is because someone is clearly uploading and earning the money illegally that was supposed to be in the pockets of the filmmakers. Without giving it a thought that filmmakers suffer, people have been continuously uploading and downloading pirated content from the internet. It leads to a great loss of the producers who put in so much money to make a movie and don’t get what they deserve in return.

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